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We tried to get this going on the Facebook page last year, but it was too difficult to manage.  So we will try it hear on the web site.  If you have some riding tips that you would like to share.  Please use the forum below.  Thanks for your help. The more we all learn, the safer we are and the more fun we have.  Send us links to good videos or just tipe you have.


(I'm no pro, just stuff that helps me)

  • Stand on the Pegs and steer wth bike by weighting the pegs.  Left for left and right for right.
  • On firm ground, keep your weight forward to keep the front tire hooked up and let the rear slide a bit on some corners.
  • Give it gas going around a corner to assist in making the corner.
  • On sandy berms, come into them hard, step on that inside peg, weight forward, angle the bike down, almost perpendicular the the angle of the berm, gas it through the turn.  Commit to it and you will be shocked at how it will shoot you out of the corner.  MX'ers put the inside leg way forward out strait.  Not my style though.
  • I sit where I can to conserve energy.  Still keep the weight on the pegs.  That keeps your center of gravity low on the bike and much more stable.
  • When riding through a rut, up sandy hills, or other soft sand, steer with the pegs and keep the wight on the pegs.  Force yourself to stay on the pegs!!!  No paddling unless you have to save yourself.  As soon as you come off the pegs, you will loose control.  I guarantee it!




These guys put out some awesome vids with killer riding and some good riding tips too.  Look them up on YouTube  CROSS TRAINING ENDURO SKILLS




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  • Miller Lite (Monday, April 03 17 02:06 pm EDT)

    Standing on the pegs and steering with the weighting of the pegs works great in any condition, sand, mud, and cornering, as Meg says in the video above.

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