Bent Wheels Competition Club
Bent Wheels Competition Club

These guys put out some awesome vids with killer riding and some good riding tips too.  Look them up on YouTube  CROSS TRAINING ENDURO SKILLS



Contributor Uploads for our 2017 D14 Hare Scramble Thanks a ton!

Thanks to all that came to our Hare Scramble!

Please share your photos with us by uploading them to our google drive account and we can post them here for you.  On a phone you have to download the ap to make it work though.

Here is the Google Drive link


Thanks for the pics Optimal Wellness Chiropractic!

I found some good vids on line of the race!

2016 Fall Color Tour Videos

Here is Part 1 of 3 From our 2016 Fall Color Tour in Lewiston.



Here is Part 2 of 3 From 2016 Fall Color Tour



Here is Part 3 of 3 From 2016 Fall Color Tour Jim Miller Ride

(The Jim Miller, not Miller Lite)


2016 Fall Color Tour Pics...

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