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Bent Wheels Competition Club 2017 Hare Scramble Page

D-14 - Bent Wheels Hare Scramble Flier D-14 - Bent Wheels Hare Scramble Flier

We have a new Title Sponsor for The D14 Bent Wheels Hare Scramble Race this year, Z03 Power Company!


Thanks to Jeff Black for helping us fund the event.  Without folks like you, we can't pull this off.  Be sure to check our sponsors page for more info on Z03.


Click the picture to the left to download the new flier.

It was updated on 5/25/17 to add quad mini start time



Below is some footage from last years race!


Mark Smith with Track Of The Year Trophie

Bent Wheels Competition Club Has a very rich history of riding and Racing Dirt Bikes.  Specifically related to Motocross, Enduro and woods riding.  We won Hare Scramble track of the year in 2014.  This year we plan to make a promotional movie for our Hare Scramble.  Be on the lookout for a camera crew doing interviews and others capturing stills and moving pics too.  And then the drone will be out getting aerial footage.  It should be an exciting new project for us.  If you want to donate to our cause with money (Sponsorship) or just let us copy your GoPro footage from the race or other pics, don't be shy.  Contact any one of us in the yellow Event Staff Shirts and we can hook you up with the proper people.


There is much more to come on this page...  Check back later.

The Bent Wheels Competition Club Event Grounds are located just north of downtown Rose City (Shell station) behind Rose Valley Lanes.  We will have some signs out there to help you find it.  Click on the pic to the right to get a google maps link to it.  See you there!!!



Bent Wheels/D14 Hare Scramble Starting Times / Order



Youth Parade Lap – 8:30 a.m.

Youth Start -  9:00 a.m.                           

50cc Start – approx. 10:30 a.m.                

Adult Start -  11:30 a.m.



Adult ATV – 3:00 pm

Mini ATV—2:00 pm

    W  Big Wheel/Super Mini

    Y   85cc Junior

    P   65cc

    T   Women (small bike)

    N   Trail Bike



     M   Expert AA

     A   Open A 3 hr

     V   30+A

     H   A Team (skill level of highest ranked of two riders)   

     E   Expert 2hr

     S   50+ 3 hr

     B   Open B 3 hr

     F   30+ B

     L   B Team (skill level of highest ranked of two riders)

     SS  50+ 2 hr

     Z   13+ B 2 hr

     X   13-20 C, 2 hr

     R   21-34 C, 2 hr

     K   35+ C, 2 hr

     C   Women, 2 hr









    C/Schoolboy Sr.



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